Rio de Janeiro 2

  • Participatory Video to Promote Youth Dialogue on Intelligent Mobility
Participatory video to promote youth dialogue

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Participatory video to promote youth dialogue

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This is the second year that Proplaneta collaborates with the Youth Dialogue on Mobility project.

Context: Rio de Janeiro is preparing for 2 major events - The Olympics and World Cup. Public transportation is key, not only for these international gatherings, but specially for the millions of citizens that commute everyday. This is a project by Fetranspor Social in partnership with PARES that aims to put forward the youth vision of change and action required to make life smoother in Rio and its surroundings.

During the second semester of 2013, 60 youth will meet up to discuss their ideas on problems, opportunities and potential solutions for Rio's mobility. Different participatory methods will be applied to facilitate discussions. Proplaneta is leading all participatory video activities.

Three different groups of around 12 youth (age 19 -24) will be empowered to produce three participatory videos on different themes withdrawn from the large discussions, and elected by the PV participants.

The first participatory video training happened in July on "Dream versus Reality of Public Transportation in Rio".

The second happened in September on "The individualist culture as an obstacle for urban mobility". The third will happen in November upon a newly elected theme.

All videos are edited on a participatory approach.

In November, two representants of each PV group will be working together for jointly editing "The Best of Youth Dialogue PVs in 2013". They will choose amongst all footage and interviews, the best content that will form the fourth participatory video.

This "Best of Participatory Video" will be presented at the Youth Dialogue final gathering that will take place on December 3rd. Special guests and stakeholders representing the public transportation system of Rio are expected to attend this special day.

The PVs will be jointly released in mid November. Please come back to check them out.