Our story

Proplaneta: our story

Proplaneta was created in the fall of 2008 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, as the result of the founder's major life change.

In an informal Portuguese, Proplaneta means "For the Planet". And as the name say, we are focused on projects that can make a difference for our planet, even if a slight one.

From 2008 until the end of 2011, Proplaneta was completely mobile. As a home office, it was based in different places at different stages: Amsterdam, Malawi, Barcelona and São Paulo, Brazil.

In the end of 2011 Proplaneta moved its base to the green neighborhood of Botanic Garden in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 2013 Proplaneta stablished its second base in Geneva, Switzerland.

But most of all, independently of where we are based, our hands and cameras reach out to communities everywhere in the world. Pro Planeta - For the Planet.
Proplaneta: our story