Proplaneta how we work

Our expertise
  • Participatory-video workshops for trainers, groups and communities
  • Participatory-video production with groups and communities
  • Video and documentary production for sustainable development
  • Inspirational speeches (Check our Founder Director' Tedx at In the News section)
  • Mass Media negotiation for PSA (public social announcements spots)
  • Communication strategy consultancy
Proplaneta how we work

How you can have us on board

We are hired on a project or program basis.

For every four paid, financed or sponsored projects, we give back one volunteer project for society. See more under Proplaneta Solidarity.

Where do we work

We have two bases: 1. In the South - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2. In the North - Geneva, Switzerland. But we work around the world and for the world.

We work for
  • Organizations
  • Institutions
  • Companies committed with social and environment responsibility.
  • Groups and individuals
Participatory-video from an academic view

Participatory approaches: Community development

Bottom-up approaches and methods that include the community in the development of solutions has long evolved since its precursor, Paulo Freire, began putting his pedagogy into practice back in 1963. In one of his first projects, Freire capacitated marginalized communities of the rural side of Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil to develop a self-educating system to combat the high illiteracy rates found in the region.

Robert Chambers evolved this approach with his framework Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) that he describes as “a growing family of approaches and methods to enable local people to share, enhance and analyze their knowledge of life conditions, to plan and to act” (Chambers, 1994 p.1).

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Proplaneta Solidarity

Proplaneta believes in the social-enterprise model of organization. In business strategies and efforts applied for meeting social goals.

Proplaneta solidarity is a small demonstration of how small companies can balance “getting with giving”.

We are rolling-out a pilot model called Proplaneta Solidarity, here is how it works:

For every four paid/ financed projects Proplaneta works on, we will return one to society on a volunteer basis.

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