Purpose, Vision, Values, Principles, Objectives


Our purpose

To inspire, facilitate and empower groups and communities around the world, to identify, capture and share local solutions, that can positively transform livelihoods and help the planet’s transition into a more sustainable way.

Our vision

Strong and resilient communities contributing with the development of a truly sustainable planet.


Our values

  • Passion.
  • Respect to the diversity and interdependence of all forms of life.
  • Earth as a finite source and self-regulated living organism.
  • Responsibility: we live in a critical moment in Earth's history, a time where humanity must choose its future.
  • Absolute belief in every human's potential.
  • Groups and community empowerment, collective creation and sharing.
  • Creative participatory-communication for education, reflection, action and change.
  • Youth and children as agents of change.
  • Communication and media as an agents of world benefit.
Our principles

We are oriented and inspired by the principles of:

  • The Earth Charter
  • The Millennium Goals
  • Treaty on Environmental Education for Sustainable Societies and Global Responsibility
  • Indigenous Peoples Declaration on Climate Change

Our objectives
  • To empower groups and communities to identify and share best practices and solutions.
  • To inspire bottom-up change and scale it up.
  • To disseminate experiences and knowledge that can positively impact livelihoods and the environment.
  • To capacitate collective and individual leadership.
  • Through local initiatives, to contribute with the transition to a truly sustainable global society.