Proplaneta Solidarity

Proplaneta solidarity
Proplaneta believes in the social-enterprise model of organization. In business strategies and efforts applied for meeting social goals.

Proplaneta solidarity is a small demonstration of how small companies can balance “getting with giving”.

We are rolling-out a pilot model called Proplaneta Solidarity, here is how it works:

For every seven paid/ financed projects Proplaneta works on, we will return one to society on a pro-bono basis.

To begin with, we will create a Proplaneta Solidarity Wish List consisting projects we would love to help implement. Organizations and communities are welcomed to submit their project on our wish list via email.

The initial criterias for entering in Proplaneta’s Solidarity Wish List are:
  1. Projects must be inline with Proplaneta’s purpose, values and principles.
  2. Projects must address Proplaneta’s objectives.
  3. Projects must use any of Proplaneta’s areas of expertise.
  4. Projects must be short and be adjusted to Proplaneta’s working schedule.
  5. Travel costs, if any, must be funded.