How do we work

Our expertise
  1. Participatory-video workshops for trainers, groups and communities
  2. Participatory-video production with groups and communities
  3. Video and documentary production for sustainable development
  4. Inspirational speeches (please check our Founder Director's TEDx Talk in the 'News' section)
  5. Mass Media negotiation for PSA (public social announcements spots)
  6. Communication strategy advisory

How you can have us on board

We are hired on a project or program basis.

For every four paid, financed or sponsored projects, we give back one pro-bono project to society. Please see more under Proplaneta Solidarity.

Where do we work

In Brazil, Latin America, Africa, ME and Europe.
We have two bases:
1. In the South - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2. In the North, Geneva, Switzerland
This provides two departure points for projects, lowering travel costs.

We work for
  • Organizations
  • Institutions
  • Companies that are truely committed with social and environment responsibility
  • Groups and individuals

That share similar values and are aligned with our vision and objectives.