• Participatory video with Maasai people - The importance of climate change information to communities
Tanzania: Participatory video with Maasai people


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In April 2014 Proplaneta was at Simanjiro District in Northern Tanzania facilitating 14 Maasai community members to show and tell the world the importance of receiving climate change information and seasonal forecast for their livelihoods improvement.

This video exercise is a bottom up participatory process that empowered a Maasai Community to craft and send their message out about their reality and need for climate information.  It is an attempt to connect the dots between the ground and the higher levels, including government representatives and researchers.

This activity is part of the The Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), an international
 partnership that aims to "fast-track" the establishment of climate services -
such as seasonal outlooks - in developing countries which are most
exposed to climate change and extreme weather risks, and to ensure 
that these services reach the most vulnerable communities on the