• Hope on a Red Bucket
Participatory video to build climate change awareness and promote community-based adaptation in rural communities.


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Malawi :: Hope on a Red Bucket
The Malawian Red Cross Society along with the local Meteorological Service have been working with Mphunga, a community 120km east of Lilongwe in Malawi, delivering information about climate change and the need for adaptation. As a result the program has pushed villagers to take real action. They began adapting their rural activities in simple ways such as substituting maize crops with rice, taking advantage of the increasing floods and replacing chicken with duck stock as ducks float and chicken drown.

With our help, the Mphunga villagers produced a participatory video so the community- based adaptation practices could be shared with neighbor communities that face similar problems through video screenings workshops.

This longer version 'Hope on a Red Bucket' - 27 min - brings the complete story of this experience: How Mphunga villagers captured the messages, how the film was edited, how it was received by the four neighboring villages, and lastly, the filmmakers’ reactions on the final screening, held inside a church at their own village.

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